President’s Report

Greetings members, staff and fellow board members.  I’m honoured to have been elected president of the NCES board at the June 29 AGM.  Let me first thank outgoing president Krista Reid and outgoing secretary Teagyn Vallevand for their contributions to the organization, your work has undoubtedly helped put NCES on track to a bright future.

For those of you who don’t know me, my background is in graphic design and Industrial Design, which is a discipline that blends art and engineering.  I have worked for Parks Canada for over 10 years now, the last three years working with First Nations to develop new tourism products in Kluane National Park and Chilkoot Trail National Historic Site. As well, I was an NCES board member from 2013-2015, experience I feel will help ensure a smooth transition as we go forward.

My wife Krista and I have two girls, Angela and Isabelle, who are beginner carvers in the NCES program and have taken to it like fish to water thanks to the commitment of Calvin Morberg and the support of all the carvers (including Angela’s brother carver Owen Munroe).

My commitment to you, the members and staff of NCES, is to provide sound administrative leadership, allowing those with the cultural knowledge and artistic talents to truly drive the work of the organization.

Over the coming days and weeks I hope to speak with as many of you as possible to get a better understanding of what NCES is doing well and what it can do better.  I look forward to working with the carvers and my fellow board members to identify priorities for the coming year that align with the strategic plan. Two key items that have already been identified are the future financial stability of NCES, and planning for a totem pole in tribute to William Callaghan.

A special thank you to Doronn, Ann, Les, Duran, Calvin, Bre-Anna and Ian for staying on to continue the good work of NCES.  And finally, a big welcome to my fellow incoming board members, Florence Moses, Alicia Vance and Krista Prochazka.  I look forward to working with you all in the days ahead.  Anyone that wishes to reach me directly, please feel free to email me at or phone me at 867-335-3349.

Yours sincerely,

Michael Prochazka