•                Daily Instruction. The Project grew to the point where we were instructing everyday and all our carvers had opportunities to instruct

•                JV Clark School, Mayo. For the first time, we were able to connect with a rural school. Two carvers traveled to Mayo to put on a weeklong paddle-making workshop for the entire school. The idea grew into a community wide culture week with involvement from Yukon College and the Nacho Nyak Dun First Nation.

•                Porter Creek Culture Camp. Two carvers put on a design and paddle making workshop over fours days for grade 8 and 9 students. The camp took place out in Champagne.

•                Student Success. It is inspiring to observe the development of our students throughout the year. In average short time, the work produced by students has greatly improved. More importantly is the affect that our instructors and the program have on student’s self-confidence and self worth. We had, and continue to have, students coming in on their own to visit or continue learning.

•                School Support. In particular, our partnership with Elijah Smith Elementary continues to be a model that we would like to replicate in other schools. Here, we run a beginners and an advanced program 4 days a week. Students in the advanced program, while doing more involved and complicated projects, are responsible for helping out with the beginners. There is also a very strong desire to move toward a larger scale project for next year. All the schools that we have been involved with this year are committed to continue and build upon programming.

•                Community Support. It is very clear there is a need and demand for broadening our educational reach. There is a strong interest from within the community of Whitehorse for workshop opportunities. Already this year we put on workshops for the Lodge, Girl Guide Groups and Parks Canada Benefits. By the end of the year, all our carvers had the opportunities to take part in the project. This gave them the opportunity to pass on what they have learned, take leadership/mentor roles for those in need of it.