Future Plans



  • The “Eijah Smith Model”. One of the goals of the project is grow our existing school programs in the model of Elijah Smith. Having both beginners and an advanced programenablesstudents to progress at their own rate and advance in their skills.
  • The “Mayo Project”. After a successful workshop in Mayo, we plan to increase our presence in the communities by visiting as many as possible. We’d like to begin building amore permanent program with the JV Clark School and model other community projects after it.
  • Build Capacity. It is a long-term vision of the society to build the program to offer accredited courses for high school students. This would involve creating curriculum and continued instructional experience and training.
  • Foster Partnerships. The more partners we work with the more opportunities we have to reach a wider clientele. It’s clear that there is a demand to learn FN art and we have the capacity and need to full it.