Duran Henry


Northern Tutchone artist Duran always dreamt of becoming an accomplished artist. From a young age Duran’s motivation to pursue an artist’s career ,was influenced by seeing his father Ray Shorty and family members Richard, Jim and Eddie Shorty’s artistic creations.

In the fall of 2006, Duran participated in the Northern Cultural Expression Society’s “Carving Our Path Project”. This project was designed to support and encourage young people as they educated themselves in an environment focused on individual learning and coaching from experienced artists, the importance of exploring one’s own tangible artistic skills, business planning and product marketing.

Currently employed by the Northern Cultural Expression Society, Duran works on his pieces at the studio. Using pencil and acrylic paints, Duran is able to create designs that he translates into carvings, plaques, masks and much more.

Having sold pieces to private collectors and Government of Yukon, Duran has also participated in a variety of events representing First Nations Art such as the Yukon First Arts Festival and Adäka Festival in Whitehorse, Yukon, as well as the Tlingit Celebration in Juneau, Alaska.

Incorporating traditional stories into each of his pieces, Duran Henry is continuing to carry on the artistic values and lifestyle of his family.