David Epp

Woodshop Coordinator – Carving Program



As a carpenter, David Epp moved to Whitehorse, Yukon at 19 years old, from Vancouver, British Columbia. During his time here, he has had various types of jobs, spending two decades in a very inartistic way of living and had to make the choice of either working in a camp life or to follow his artistic values.

Speaking with Andrew Finton, previous Executive Director of Northern Cultural Expressions Society, landed the position as the Woodshop Coordinator. Later, he was offered to help the studio by instructing the carvers’ basic carpentry skills and assist them in creating their individual visions. The opportunity of this position blossomed into both aspects of my carpentry skills and also utilized my artistic values. His contribution to every piece is prefabricated and created in wood cutting templates to make the process of carving easier for the carvers.

“Every piece starts as somebody else’s dream, and I get to help them create their vision by making it possibility and reality by what I can do for them.”