D. Benjamin Gribben

D. Benjamin Gribben

Ben Gribben

Grandson of Nora Edzerdza and Ralph Merkel, and son of Rhoda Merkel and Dan Gribben, Benjamin Gribben was born in Oshawa, Ontario 1989, and is a citizen of the Tahltan Nation.

Relocating to Whitehorse in 2001, Benjamin pursued his artistic pathway by working with renowned carvers improving his style in masks, panels, totem poles, paddles, masks, original designs and much more. He continues to add to his portfolio, which consists of painting, drawing and designing where he can expand his abilities in media and computer animation, where he illustrated his own comic strip and characters called ‘The Breed’.

Benjamin assisted in the creation of the Dugout Canoe Project that was guided by master carver, Wayne Price. In his pastime, he enjoys traditional singing and dancing and was part of a Yukon First Nations dance group known as the Dakhká Khwáan Dancers.

Benjamin’s artwork has been showcased in various art shows throughout the Yukon as well as in the Northwest Territories.

“I feel that quality of work I put into my art pieces is my way of giving back to my community and culture, like singing or dancing, drawing is another form of expressing and finding your inner self.”

-Benjamin Gribben