Cultural Resilience Program

The program provides cultural & First Nation arts-based programming for at risk First Nations youth aged 12-18. The Program will involve workshops and on the land sessions, one-on-one counselling, and resource development. Recruitment of participants will be done through referrals by police, agencies such as schools and social services, waiting lists for similar programs and self-referrals.
The program will address risk factors such as aggressive and anti-social behaviour, early use of substances/addiction, having been the victim of violence in childhood, lack of parental care, harsh or inconsistent discipline, low attachment to school and learning difficulties.
The program includes three major streams of activity, one-on-one counselling, cultural programming and resource development.  Each stream is organized to provide a wrap around affect upon each participant which will enable the high risk youth to develop their artistic abilities, learn new coping skills and enhance their sense of self worth while receiving practical support.