Andrew and Heather Finton recognized an opportunity to assist struggling youth through art therapy. Together, they created the Sundog Carving Program in 2004 – a carvers beginner program that integrated artful expression, healthy communication, and a positive workspace to set youth up for success. With further funding, the advanced carving program was added for the youth that wished to further their skills.

Since the Finton’s departure, the Board of Directors, staff and participants have come together to ensure the long-term success of the program. Keeping the founders vision and energy in mind, NCES programs have developed and flourished.

Participants have expressed their gratitude for the Finton’s programs in more ways than one. The following are some kind and encouraging words.

“I was in a rough place in my life, and the program gave me opportunities to meet new friends. A calm and nice place to create art, learn and teach about carving. It has given me a connection to our traditional art forms, hobbies and opportunities to full-time employment. The end result has been unbelievably rewarding.”

“ This program saved my life.”

NCES would like to acknowledge our first funders. Without their help through the years, our programs and success would not exist – Service Canada in 2004, Government of Yukon’s Department of Justice in 2006